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• Gauge structure of gravity — canonical dynamics, asymptotic symmetries; teleparallel theory; 3D gravity with torsion
• Extended objects in curved geometries — particles, strings and branes
• Gauge invariance, matter and gravity — spinorial representations of GA(n,R) and SL(n,R); superbranes and generic curved spacetime; Dirac-like equations in affine spacetime
• Renormalizability of noncommutative field theories — NC gauge theories; Standard Model
• Noncommutative gravity — NC cosmology; gravitational waves
• Strings in curved space-time — canonical structure of strings in curved background; CT-duality as a local property of the world-sheet; geometry of space-time seen by the probe string
• Noncommutativity of Dp-brane coordinates — dilaton field and commutative Dp-brane dimensions; gauge symmetries and the number of Dp-brane dimensions; conformal invariance with the help of Liouville action
• Loop quantum gravity and spin foam models — effective action and the semiclassical limit; finiteness of the spin foam state sum; spincube model

See also the entry in the Serbian Encyclopedia (text in Serbian, by M. Blagojevic).