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Causality in Quantum Theory Workshop 2020

15 - 16 June 2020, Belgrade, Serbia

Important note: due to the coronavirus pandemic, the workshop is postponed for some later date, most
probably September or October. The new dates will be announced as soon as they become well defined.

About the workshop

The workshop focuses on the notion of causality as understood from the point of view of quantum information theory, quantum gravity and related areas.

The notion of causality is recently being extensively studied both from the point of view of quantum mechanics and general relativity, with special emphasis on its role in the construction of the theory of quantum gravity (QG) as a tentative complete fundamental description of the physical world. The purpose of this workshop is to push this research forward, by studying the relationship between the quantum concepts related to causality (the causal inequalities, the quantum switch, the process matrix formalism, ...) and the relativistic concepts related to causality (the lightcone causal structure, the superpositions of gravitational fields in quantum gravity, the gravitational switch, ...).

We invite everyone interested to join us at the workshop and participate in the discussions about this very interesting and vibrant research area in fundamental physics.


The workshop is organized by Group for Gravitation, Particles and Fields (Institute of Physics Belgrade) and by the Quantum Foundations and Quantum Information Theory Group (Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, University of Vienna).

Organizing committee

Časlav Brukner (IQOQI, Vienna) and Marko Vojinović (IPB, Belgrade)


The workshop is free and open to everyone interested. Nevertheless, in order to have an estimate of the number of participants, we ask you to fill in the registration form.


Lectures will be held at the Institute of Physics Belgrade. The detailed programme will be announced soon.

Preliminary list of participants

(*) to be confirmed

Last update: 11. May 2020, 09:49:15.